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Spatial Intelligence Management

VERSES provides enterprises, organizations and governments with an extensive suite of integrated technologies that offer powerful spatial rights management capabilities to enable dynamic workflows, verifiable traceability, intelligent automation and collaborative ecosystems that address the need for multi-party privacy, security and interoperability by design.

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Smart Spaces & Spatial Domains

Corporate Headquarters

Building Code

Building Capacity
4,018 persons

Number of Floors
62 Floors

Building coordinates
-12.29850, 24.73715, 1.05

Number of persons in building currently

With a world of secured smart spaces, real places become virtual, and virtual places become real with their own programmable rights rules. By assigning the world a new set of coordinates that create Spatial Domains, humans and machines can interact and transact through this new digital layer of the physical world seamlessly and securely.
Smart Assets
Smart Assets

1966 Ford Mustang


289 cubic inches

3-speed, 4-speed

Top speed
197 km/h

168kW/ 225 hp / 228 PS

Smart Assets are virtual or physical things that are given unique verified digital identity that makes them truly come alive. This allows users to securely interact, transact and transfer them between Smart Spaces. Smart Assets can be tracked through time and space, record details of their ownership, manage their own transactions and interface with a whole world of devices no matter where they go.
Spatial Contracts
Spatial Contracts

Shipment #9123

Seattle, WA

South Africa

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Spatial Contracts define how objects interact and transact in the digital world with individual contracts. These contracts set the ground rules and foundation for people, places and things to work together fluidly without oversight or barriers.
Seamless Accounts and Currency
Seamless Accounts & Currency

Friendly Groceries
1200 Broadway, NY

Customer #938 June 10, 2021
Organic Broccoli $3.99
Avocados $5.99
Organic Bananas $2.99
Chicken Breast $8.99
Earl Grey tea $6.99
Total $34.99
Seamless Accounts and Currency give everything in the digital world a single wallet and the capability to transact together. Our system takes care of the transactions and payments seamlessly, so you can spend more time building and creating your world.

Industry Cases

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Beyond Imagination

The invention of the Spatial Web Protocol as outlined by the authors, enables the ideal system for advanced robotic avatars to be able to employ as well as explore the world through this new generation of spatial technologies verses as means to quickly access and navigate new locations and regulate permissions instantly - multiplying the effect of telepresence “being there” by giving you guidance - the perfect AR enhancement enabler for humans.

Magic Leap

A seismic shift in how we live and who we are as humans is upon us and the decisions we make today will impact our world for centuries to come. When the stakes are so high, “The Spatial Web” presents us with a clear roadmap setting the basis for the future of content, connection, community and commerce.

Botanic Industries

The Spatial Web locks the physical and virtual worlds into an open toolbox that Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and People can use together. This groundbreaking book provides us with the keys needed for each of us to unlock this value for ourselves and a clear roadmap to empower us as a global community to live out a future where we truly benefit from the full value of our personal data, time and space.

In The Spatial Web, Rene and Mapes present us with a roadmap that connects the dots of immersive computing, artificial intelligence and the internet that can unlock intelligence and link minds. This is a visionary work that will guide the integration of current technologies in clever ways to create a new sphere of higher dimensionality. The Spatial Web will also be a ‘giant leap for mankind’ that will lift us to new worlds.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

We are entering a critical epoch in human history when the very fabric of our imaginations, ideas and identity will be communicated within a new reality. Our joyful responsibility is to guarantee a "White Mirror" future where we prioritize values-driven design, data sovereignty, and holistic flourishing for people and planet. Outlined eloquently in The Spatial Web, Rene and Mapes provide the philosophy, technology, and steps to achieve this positive and pragmatic future.

In this extraordinary book, a coherent vision is laid out that defines and describes the cross-industry universal standards necessary to ensure a unified approach to enabling everything to work together Iot, AI, AR and more - unlocking the value that will come from the Spatial Web for everyone.

About Us


VERSES is a for-profit company providing enterprises, organizations and governments with an extensive suite of integrated technologies built on open standards developed by The Spatial Web Foundation

Spatial Web Foundation

The Spatial Web Foundation is a non-profit developing open protocols, standards and specifications for the next generation of the Web. Freed from the page, the Spatial Web is single, world-wide network linking people, places and things - both virtual and physical - enabling seamless interactions, transactions, and navigation between them.

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