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The Premier, Next-Generation Operating System Provider for Contextual Computing.

Paving the way with collaborative, context-aware applications that close the gap between the digital and physical world.


VERSES is the premier network operating system provider that powers context-aware applications which close the gap between the digital and physical systems. Built to enable smart organizations, and even smarter people, their COSMTM operating system uniquely generates a unified intelligent network of contextualized data, policies, simulation models, and workflow automations that can be shared within and between organizations. Join us in building a smarter world that elevates human potential through innovation and technology inspired by nature. 



A smart world where people and technology work in greater harmony to generate shared prosperity.


VERSES is here to close the gap between the digital and physical world –elevating the human potential through intelligent computing that radically improves the world we live in.

Leadership Team

Gabriel Rene
Founder & CEO
Dan Mapes
Founder & President
Capm Petersen
Chief Innovation Officer
Steven Swanson
Chief Administration Officer
Michael Wadden
Chief Commercial Officer
Philippe Sayegh
Chief Adoption Officer
Tim Alvis
Chief Product Officer
Kevin Wilson
Chief Financial Officer
James Hendrickson
President & GM, VERSES Enterprise

Board of Directors

Jon De Vos
Gabriel Rene
Dan Mapes
Jay Samit
Scott Paterson