VERSES Foundation

VERSES Foundation is a non-profit foundation creating the universal protocols and standards for the next generation of the Web. Freed from the page, this new Spatial Web is a single, world-wide network linking people, places and things both virtual and physical, enabling seamless interaction, transaction, and navigation between them.

Built on blockchain technology, the Spatial Web secures user data and authenticates assets and locations, for a boundless new Web that is smarter, safer, and more immersive.

Our Multi-Verse Toolkit

VERSES is building the tools for every creator, designer, developer and imagineer to link their worlds to each other and make them shareable, interoperable, and transactable.

The VERSES foundation is committed to securing people’s privacy and data and ensuring that the web of the future remains open and free for the entire human community.


Smart Spaces & Spatial Domains

With a world of smart spaces, real places become virtual, and virtual places become real with their own programmable rules, making your universe truly yours. By assigning the world a new set of coordinates using Spatial Domains, you visit your favorite places in your neighborhood or the world easily and securely.


Smart Assets

Smart Assets are virtual or physical things that are given unique verified digital identity that makes them truly come alive. This allows users to securely interact, transact and transfer them between Smart Spaces. Smart Assets can be tracked through time and space, record details of their ownership, manage their own transactions and interface with a whole world of devices no matter where they go.


Spatial Contracts

Spatial Contracts define how objects interact and transact in the digital world with individual contracts. These contracts set the ground rules and foundation for people, places and things to work together fluidly without oversight or barriers.


Seamless Accounts & Currency

Seamless Accounts and Currency give everything in the digital world a single wallet and the capability to transact together. Our system takes care of the transactions and payments seamlessly, so you can spend more time building and creating your world.